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1. Do I need to sign up to get reward points? Applicable for walk-in?

ATO Online Store Membership can only be applied at


2. If I'm an online member, can I use my reward points at any of the ATO outlet?

No. Reward points only applied at ATO Online Store (


3. How do I earn reward points?

Once your order being processed as completed, you will earn reward points based on your total expenditure. Terms & conditions may applied when certain product may not entitled on any reward points when it discounted price come in relatively low.

Every RM1 spend = 1 point; 25 points earned = RM1


4. How can I redeem my reward points?

All points can be redeemed only upon online purchase an item (any).


5. Can I combine points from multiple account into a single account?

Yes! Please drop us an email at and we can assit you by comining your accounts. You will required to provide us with the full account details of the multiple accounts.


6. How do I ecome a VIP member and whatis the validity of my tier status?

To become a VIP member, you will need to spend an accumulated value of RM5,000. Your status is valid for a 12 month period. 


7. How do I maintain my VIP member tier status?

To maintain your VUP member status, you must spend a minimum of RM5,000 online or in any ATO stores within 365 days from the date you qualified as VIP member. If you spend less than RM5,000, you will be placed in the MEMBER status.